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Some pictures of food and some of roads Photos: Any beautiful photos? Are you traveling somewhere? then you have a picture of some place on your wall If you have seen a bicycle attached to it, then its also Picture this: A cat standing inside an alley Have you made a picture of where you are going to eat? When you go, you can also take a picture of that food. if you can do this little work If yes then can you make money from it too? You are also included among those people Who has collected countless videos from the internet I have seen ways to earn money from the internet but Till today you haven't given even a single rupee or a single penny If you earned then today's video is for you in this There are two paths before you, either you Watch this video completely and start doing it today itself. Start earning or watch this video right here Leave it and watch a dance video Watch a funny video and go on with your life as you wish Let it go on as it is, don't do anything Achieve and don't struggle Because if success or any person If he succeeds, then the first hand in it is that A man is his own if he struggles Only then can he be successful in someone's By motivating or as we tell you countless Ways to earn money from the internet If you don't follow that, then you You can never succeed today's video Inside this we will tell you a very easy method That how you want to earn and that too Using a mobile phone camera exactly using the mobile phone camera You have to earn what you have by doing this I don't have to do any special work or coding You just have to do some hard work, right? photos and that can be in your gallery You already have a complete method for this tell me what did you do with those photos If you want to do it and know how to earn then let's go are towards the PC laptop screen and these You will be able to do all the work on your mobile as well So let's go to the life of the screen but before that Our

on the step you Its page google. nl will open And tap on your website button here So you can visit its official website Zafar Tech TV will be able to open in front of us It will be written here and search this blog here you have to type and here you have You have to write photos, just search this much If you don't have to search anything else then It is written here Make Money With You have to type mobile photos on this There is a very simple button here, you can click to We will click on register so that we can also Earn money from the photos in your mobile If we can generate and earn, then first of all we You also see an overview of Very Simply this one page has opened in front of us here you can see that you are It is your work which is your shorts those are your photos, you have them How to manage it all It is explained here but in this video Inside, we've shown you how to create a complete account. I will tell you everything from the method to the process But there are some questions that come to your mind You must also be wondering how we can work on this You can earn if you have high Quality Having good quality images What is important is that whatever your age is It is necessary to have a year which is the main question what can we sell here Of course we can sell anything here those are your photos those are your videos Those are drone photos you took from the drone Have you made a video of anything you want? She belongs to nature, she belongs to birds, she belongs to flowers Any image that you observe with your eyes she does see if you can sell that We have to tap on Join here so that we can take this procedure further Very simple hum on create account option googleapis. com You have to write it like birth year

You have to write the date of birth which is called You have to complete it and you have to accept their terms Tap on the end condition and tick it and tap on Continue and Create Account I have to do it, you can see it, welcome Zafar Tech Create your TV account in a very simple way If it is done then now comes the option that you have how to do the uploading but before that Look at the dash in front of us like this It will come because our earning is zero right now Right now our downloads are zero, just like yours Photos will be downloaded here as much as you want You will earn more on the upload tab By clicking here we have I want to upload pictures but that First let me tell you here You can upload PNG images that you The minimum size should be megapixels Requires maximum megapixel jpg can do The different types are explained here which also includes videos, so you you can see this, after that let's go now what type of stock we should have it is clearly written there that your The image must be high definition such as I had the picture taken with my camera I have kept it here, I will show you I'm looking like this is a picture of a bird who is standing inside a park then you Whenever we look at it by zooming in, Pixels do not leak and do not crack Having your images in absolute high definition It is important that the better the image, the The better the views, the more downloads And the more you will earn we might have just seen these images I'll drag an image from here and I will come here and drop our image Uploading has started and now As soon as it is uploaded we will You will also fill in the details like uploading the image If it has happened then you can see another one along with it The dialog box has come up, there we will see this image will give the complete details of which the most

First of all what is that thing of his, what is that type yes type because that is a picture so we We have divided the type of photo into categories Different categories are told to us like because these are flowers, these are plants Accordingly, you have put it into nature as well but for flowers and plants This will be the best inside you can do it from here The image that you have according to yourself, you have You have to select the category After that you scroll down a bit and more information if you have this Artificial Intelligence with the help of AI If you have created it with the help of then you have clicked here You have to tell it after that it comes that you can use it Give a title It is obvious that your image will You also have to describe it as it is there is a beautiful red rose so I put it here I have to write its title A Beautiful Raid everyday okay and because it's after that There is also the effect of rain above so I wrote Diya after rain this is how it comes now Your keywords which are most important Because only with the help of keywords your The more the picture is searched the more searches will be done If there are that many downloads then here we have Minimum five vadas have to be given, maximum here There are characters on it, you are its characters Inside limited you can get even more than this You can provide keywords here You know how to write easily and those keywords Write things that get searched the most, which be related to your image so that your There should be more and more sales and more You can earn more through all these processes In the meanwhile till now you have watched the channel If you haven't subscribed to the channel By subscribing to our youtube has done all our work now The data of that website got saved on the internet It is saved above, the more people will see it, the more It will get more downloads and more earnings Earning will be same as we have another image also I am showing you the procedure so that Remember how you saved the image

I have to upload this is also a daily image which I have shot with my camera clicked clicked in good quality And the yellow colour looks beautiful too This is a rose of color so I wrote it here Diya Hello Rose in Garden You can write anything You can talk about keywords related to it If it goes then here we will tell about it We will write the keyword so that this image of ours go to more and more searches Download more and more If you have earned, then you have taken photos before today might have made it but it is possible that If you haven't earned then this is the time, this is the time that with the pictures you have made you So that we can generate earnings and share our videos You must like it so that such more We keep bringing information for you here It is also giving us suggestions for keywords According to this you can suggest from here You have to take whatever you need, you can go beyond that If you tap, they will be added here This is a very simple method, there is no difficulty in it There is no work, still if someone comes to understand you You can ask us about keywords by commenting. We have added it very simply After doing this we will save this work as well. That was all the work, as soon as it was downloaded the amount you have inside this is the website It will start coming to your account within It will go and it will be withdrawn, very simple There is a method, see here countless people have done it type of images uploaded and that That shopping is flowers in all categories are like I just picked out flowers If you do, then there are countless categories of flowers We got the pictures here What It Means that we are not the first ones that have been posted on this website I am uploading the data here People are already earning money by doing this work so why not you and our channel Zafar Tech Subscribe to TV again, it is saying yes please subscribe it is free subscribe