introduction to Canva Course in hindi 2024

introduction to Canva Course in hindi 2024 | Earn Money with Canva

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we We are going to launch a course which In this era every human being needs if you facebook signup. in from veg to ear If you can earn by using Inshallah with the introduction of Kanva in this What is Kava? What are the benefits of Kava? What are the features of Canva? How to use and what is Kava? How to earn using us All these things will be included in it. The course is absolutely free, join this course To do this, simply subscribe to Zafar Tech TV. Subscribe so that you can follow our Go and join this course in our By subscribing to the channel you can Will be able to learn from basic to expert and

Will be able to learn to generate a handsome amount So let's go to the laptop screen and Our youtube we students we have arrived The person behind the laptop screen and every person who wants to earn from internet And he doesn't have any skills either he doesn't have any graphic skills No HTML or CSS coding He doesn't have web designing skills. If you do not have any such skill of development then By doing this course she can easily become good Generate handsome amount of earning what we will do in this course We will show you how to use  Canva. How to use Canva How did you earn using What is the basic need to generate Canva? Canva is an online graphic design app for Creating Social Media Graphics and Presentations It works online.

You can easily edit the templates on this You can create whatever graphics you want. can design If we talk about its founders, So this is some of its blah blah blah founders Have Cameron Admis And So On If Employees If we talk about, then inside it Roundabout employees are more of Canva Basically it's founded, see June It is working from it means that it No one should take this lightly. What it really is is an organization, head. Quarter of it is inside Australia It is in Sydney and now even after opening it Let's see what we have from Canva. There is an official website, it is open inside it. What do we get? We get the document. White boards are available and presentations are available. It is the duty of even social media videos that If you want to make a logo then we can use Canva.

You can also create simple logo by doing They will come here if we If you click on templates then here We have different types of templates Which includes some types of content creation And if marketing creative agencies Sales, you get everything from here Students will get the benefit of this course You will be able to earn even without any skill. Can and do duty now here I am a Let me give you a small example here. So that we can do something accordingly for you You have your own channel for that. With the help of youtube course we can easily Will be able to generate earnings and details on this Tell us that we will do different classes that you Whatever it is, how did you create its logo? How to represent this like you main The point is that sir, please make us a thumbnail. So we have come but now we are its clients From where can you avail this service?

Can sell and complete course of f lying in which you have account in f how to make f inside gig how to make You have to create f's and how to take orders. How to make photos of Hai F's gigs? See, each thing has been explained to you in detail. Get first order that you got your first on f How to get the order then all this Things we will cover inside this course Majeed such information Become a part of the family and use Canva You get the complete course for free Step by step will be provided here The steps will be explained and together we will He will also support your earning Subscribe to the channel till it starts Please like the video and see you inside next video.