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 Sawab & Dollor Kamao ثواب اور ڈالر کماؤ Earn Money Online From Youtube 2024 Make Money Online

In today's era of finna and sin You have a chance to earn both kindness and money together. Respected students will tell me my method This is Zafar Iqbal and you are watching Zafar Tech TV students recite the Holy Quran Share and earn money yes you did How and who recites the Holy Quran Swab has to be shared on the platform I have to earn money and I have to earn dollars as well Laptops are the life of the lover but before that You must subscribe to Zafar Tech TV and our like every video so that you can proof read first Let's see, let's start working again and we'll leave let's go youtube full quran recite quran pak ki Tilawat so here is a video at the top

A nature is coming here along with The video is playing and along with it the Holy Quran This is recitation and if we talk about views if there are millions of views then similarly if If you scroll down a bit, here But you also get a natural view of the sky This is a video and there is Quran behind it too This is Pak's recitation and if we talk about views then It has millions of views and I am not saying anything about it If I scroll down, I see here also If you go, then these are natural videos of nature Now there are videos of this future video Inside I will tell you further father that Where did you get these videos from? Voice Where do you get the complete method from? I will tell you how to edit it

I will also tell you but if we talk about views so you can see that inside the millions These have views and you can watch these videos Good earning and good income by monetizing You can generate it very simple first of all You have no copyright videos You get website pics in seconds you should open this as soon as you open it then search for You can click on the videos here If you want to write nature then I will write it as nature If I search by writing then I will get it here Now you will get videos related to nature Watch as it is these videos was that which you You can use Pay on any platform You can use it and you can do any

There will be no copyright strike and absolutely will never come, our issue is resolved that you should now watch nature videos Mostly when you read Surah Rehman then Inside you will find birds and nature like this videos are available and ads are also placed on them When you are walking then you will also be exactly like this We can use videos, let's suppose we Click on the video from here and You have to download the video from here Download it and you can download it freely Now one thing will happen now that Where is your recitation of the Holy Quran? if you want to take it from then we will go google download from here we can download from here You will get their direct mp download link and simply when we tap on it

We can find all the Surahs here. You will go there and from here which Ruku will you do? I want it as if the first surah is surah Fatiha If so, I'll open it as soon as If we click on it, then students you We can see before us the Surah Fatiha which yes it is open now we can take it from here You can also play it and listen to it but here we are Tap on it and then tap to download it If you take this surah then we have it here in mp But see this, it will be downloaded now. voice has also come to us, what we have is The video has also come, so the next one is that How do you edit this, you just did it simply Zafar is to come on Tech TV and others You can also search by writing Zafar Tech TV video editing is simple here

We have provided a complete course in video editing see this as soon as you watch Zafar Tech TV will come up and here on top of the playlist If you tap here you will find the video Editing course: Inside this course, you will find The complete method is told that you how to install the software and How to edit it otherwise you Master the key while using mobile You can also use video editing and If you want to do editing on PC then This is a complete course for editing videos And earn rewards as well, Majeed Aisi Zafar Tech TV for informational videos