Mobile Camera se Photo Bnao Upload Kro Dollar Kamao | Best Way to Sell Photos Online

 Respected students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV today's The class session is for all those students Which has countless videos of online earning If you look but are unable to earn If you watched this class today then watch this video If you do not start earning even after that then Surely you are searching for online earning on the internet. Stop doing this because today we are going to tell you one such We are going to tell you an easy and unique method With the help of which you can easily earn If possible, students can start classes let's do it very simply [music] google s a ch hq search aap search I will do it, there must be a very simple method for this This is not the case if a simple update of your mobile is done. you have a good camera you can take pictures with it its resolution is four If it is more than megapixels then you can I will tell you the method by which you can earn I'll go you You can also earn by doing google.

nl I will tell you a simple method, you can do it good weather see something good it comes to you, do you see a cat Do you see a bicycle at any place? The kind of picture that you have on your mobile I make it with my camera, you can't download it can because it will go under copyright Whatever content you post is yours It is important to be yourself, this is the most important and Secondly, it is important to have a clear image nowadays. Because mostly all the mobiles that are coming Mobiles are coming with good cameras You can save the image from your mobile camera can use As soon as the website of Haq Sach is in front of you It will open then you can see this search here If there is a button then you have to write it here camera photo is ok because we use camera We are looking to sell the photos as soon as we We will search for some kind of The article will come Make Money with Mobile Camera Photos, we have to tap on it and tap

If you want to do this then open this article See a very simple article here Hai Make Money with Mobile Camera Photo Click Here to register we clicked here to As soon as you click on register We will see something like this in front of us The interface will appear and here I will tell you Let me tell you, look at the flowers of the trees that there would be any image of clouds or mountains this is that you can sell it so we have Tap on Join Now above As soon as you tap on join no then We get an interface like this Now we will go because there is an account on it If we want to create then we will click on 'G' Using the easy method, we can take our A Gmail ID is what we call select it We will take it, ok, we have to continue it also googleapis. com By doing this your account will be created now Your work has become even easier Upload my

First assets, you should tap on it After tapping it will be uploaded in front of you The option has arrived so it is very simple click on browse click on browse After doing this we can see the picture present inside our mobile You will pick up those photos from here. Like I am from here I go to the folder and it's Recent Photos You can see here is this picture I click on it Taken now see the pictures of mobile on our There are countless photos in the mobile but we can't get any benefit from them but now you can see these pictures by using Whatever earning we have, we will create it now What we have to do sir To see this, we tap on the file details. After going to the file details we will here See this from her Automatic Pink Rose I have given you a flower and something related to it See this amazing article which he wrote

They gave us the tags too, very simple You can also see the work in the category If this goes to flowers It should select all these things from here. will go to category ok ok ok and save As soon as you save the work and submit it We will submit this, sir, look at this image of yours It has been uploaded on the website It has been submitted, now many people have submitted it Like when you do a lot of data searches if so, it is written there that this If you purchase the stock, then definitely buy it The same thing happens when you visit this website People will download these things and use them on their for any project or any purpose If you download it, you will get its earning It will remain in your account and you can see it here We can also do it like we have just done fresh If you have created an account then inside it our Balance is available but in future here You will generate good earning from this Majeed For such information videos you can visit our subscribe to youtube tech tv