Make Money with JAZZ Cash APP

 Respected students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV today's Inside the class session, we will discuss how you How to use the mobile app You want to earn and which mobile app you can use With the help of which you can earn money without investment that you can earn, we will give you a no you will tell me two ways Earning using mobile app If we can, then we will go first go to play store You have to do the same for your mobile Open the play store and go here you have to write Jazz

Cash We basically Jazz Cash App a lot of people Almost all the users of Jazz are Jazz Cash Use the Pup and you can Jazz the cash To transfer the money amount use it with your friends for any of your business or for any purpose For this we use this app Jazz Cash By doing this you can also earn from it and that You can do exactly this without any investment. You have to search for Jazz kash as soon as you post If we search on it then we can Jazz the kash In front of us, this is how you can Jazz Cash Your Mobile This app will open your account, you can see it there is an uninstall option here

Because I have already installed it And if we talk about its reviews then It has reviews of and this size It is absolutely the same now this is an app and You have million plus downloads of this download it and install it and then what to do so that we I have to open it, after opening it now comes my turn that how do we have to earn it I've opened my Jazz cash pup Whatever work is in front of you right now, I will I will show you this live in front of you. You will also have to complete the method of earning it. Let me tell you, see this app open in front of us

It's done and look, I'm logging in and doing this I will also show you so that some people do not say that That I can use a screenshot or something like that I am doing this, you can see my name above Zafar Iqbal is coming and this balance too and so on so what was the first thing you did you have to do it if you see it here The loyalty program is written here We have to tap on it now You have been using it for a long time so I am doing it but maybe I will do it But you will not have knowledge of this thing. we do make payments, if not why not We can make payment with the help of QR code

then we will get coins You will get those coins if you do this twice If you want to do it then you will get coins Challenge number one is if you make two QR transaction of yours Transactions are done using two QR codes With the help of this you will get QR code But what can we do with these QR codes But before that I would also like to tell you that Let me tell you how to use a QR code You have to make the payment to him, I assume you did If I need to make a payment then you can contact me on my app We will go here and click on this side QR code When the option comes, you can create the QR code in this way

What will happen if you scan the code? The payment will be transferred to that person Very There is an easy method but use this easy method While doing this we are also earning from it means that you are blaming one arrow so right now Let me explain this again, We made the payment using the QR code We have taken the points but What will we do with these points? So how can we use it We have to click on redeem then we can do it With the help of this, Jazzs can take bundles of male packages You can install this or you can install fun packages You can install Z packages, see the difference

There are packages if you don't want to do that either So you can also get the M tag of your vehicle you can pay after that for the cream You can take the drive in Jazz Wallet You can transfer, you can do all these things With the help of this work of Jazz App you are now Next there is another method, that too is from this app Inshallah I will show you that in next video I am going to tell you about our youtube tech Subscribe to TV so that you can watch such videos You will get the most up-to-date information videos First subscribe the channel and like the video Please like it