FREE UK or USA tiktok accoun make Money in Pakistan

 FREE UK or USA tiktok accoun make Money in Pakistan | tiktok uk account kaise banaye monetization

You might be using TikTok but Are you even making money from it? If you are not earning then today's video is for you Students, now you don't have to give money to anyone There is no need to give anything to any friend Cousin needs to work hard to make you Please provide your UK USA base number or create an ID Ofcourse now you are staying inside Pakistan You can earn from Tiktak, that too in UK By not using USA Base ID, today's Watch the video in its entirety today We are telling you about the skills these people sell Ofcourse we take the money for it But we are telling you this for free and

This is a very simple method, this is a small one After watching the video you will be in Pakistan without any UK USA number while you are You can also earn money by using the ID and You can also create such an ID and sell it further You can earn but before that Our We have come to the laptop screen and First of all you need to know one most important thing Let me tell you whenever you get UK USA base If you want to create an ID then you have to use the mobile app To make this you do not have to use provides if you want to learn this also Which VPN to choose and where to install it from

So I have already uploaded its video the link is in the description here We get different countries for free He provides you some things in paid form also. But we will use the free one and at this time You can see that the VPN is on and the IP Our USA base is running the next work You have to do it inside your browser Have to search did not even open the app and now you What to do is to have your we can do this with we have to click with Sign up because we are new account We are going to make it and that too in UK or USA

Base here also we get different options but we are going to use the phone And email sir we have to tap on this and Now the next page that we are going to come to Beyond that we will proceed further but If you are doing this on mobile Then you should not have a SIM card in your mobile What work do you want to do very simply First you changed it to mobile instead If you want to do it with email id then do this now You have to fill the form for which inside is the birthday, email address and you You have to enter your password and then this has to be nexted so that it

confirm this i have filled all these things After filling the key I clicked send to email will I now open my gmail account so that Check its verification from there, we will get an email already done which we used here is email We open this email on the same Gmail. We are here with the opening Verification code which is six digit It's round but we have to copy it here. Come here, paste it and click next Your password must be strong And you need all the details in a correct and correct manner. After filling this on the pay page click on Next Next comes create user name

Now you have created a username for your ID. If you want to do this then type your username on yes If it is present then it will not be ticked So it will tell you that it is already used here. After we tried different username We have selected Zafar Tech TV and You can see it is also available and it I have informed you that this username is available We can use it because we have You just have to tap on sign up and now your The most important thing that has been done is login Success, your UK Base ID has been created Congratulations, this was such a small task for which You pay people and tell them that this is someone

It is not rocket science and now I will tell you Let me tell you, you can see inside it Live studio has also arrived, get coins too You have arrived because you can earn money only with the help of coins Your earnings are your dollars The biggest thing is that Creator Hub has also been added to it and if you want that its Complete criteria for monetization too If you share it with us then you can tell us by commenting Write down what's inside, let us tell you Make a complete video about it too We will give glory to such informative videos Subscribe to Safar Tech TV