What is CANVA & how make money with CANVA 2024

 What is CANVA & how make money with CANVA 2024

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we Let's talk about what is basically coffee? Yes Absolutely ear one We can also edit any You can also edit the photo We Within the class session we will understand that Basically what is Canva? What is Canva and If we look at Canva then Canva is an Online Graphic Design Pup for Creating social media graphics and The presentation is the beginning of this. Was done inside and inside Kanva we are free.

You can use templates to create logos. To create different types of graphics for For this, we can also open Canva right now. are in front of you absolutely live, so if If we talk about templates then in this A huge variety of designs are available Education purpose is available for business So we get these templates for Can use, edit and After editing we can also generate earning from it. You can do it, there are no restrictions here See how for free here Attractive and eye catching type of you Only these templates are available You can go from here with just single click. I will show you this by opening any I clicked on the template and

Here is the option Customize this template using Can and here we have in recommendation Majeed Very nice templates Majeed If we are also meeting then let us take a duty that we If we click on customize it then our We will have this properly added table. You can do whatever editing you want in it You can change this as per your wish Majeed also made the idea of ​​this theme attractive. You can make a Let's Suppose here Image is and what I do I'm here I go and remove this image from here. Now I will come here and I I can put any image from here Just sing and drag as per your wish. Drop work will be done and you will have someone like this

Even if we don't have skills, we can use what we have. While doing this we make every small thing our You can edit as per your wish If you see this then you can do this easy work. Isn't it so easy for students? You change things while living within it. This is one, we will discuss it further in details. Will learn step by step basic canva a is graphic software within which we Can edit documents whiteboard [music] You can just drag and drop You can also create a logo and along with this you By selling all these things you can make a good profit. The handsome amount you can generate by earning You can earn a good amount from this

We will teach you how to generate anything. Don't do just our youtube tech tv You simply hit the subscribe button. Give the bell icon which is the sign of the bell Press that also so that you can get all the information. Keep watching the videos and we will teach you how How do you use Canva? How to do it, how to earn from it And we have already prepared a complete course on this. Here's how to use Canva And we have used the same Kanva templates on Faber. If you want to sell then you need all these things. The channel will be available within this course Subscribe and press the bell icon please do it