uninstall programs on windows 💻 2024

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Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Safar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we will talk about if inside your laptop someone inside the system inside your PC Software that you should not use Do you want to remove it from your system? If you want to uninstall then How would you do that? Very simple. Start button will go above your window button.

Click on it as if it is a software it's big I don't want to use this software I want it out of my system If it ends, there are two ways to end it. Number one to install i am right on this I will click and after that I will unzip it. I will install number one now that If you do not have such option and You can't find that software anywhere either. Then what to do, we will simply go

control panel But yes we will tap on it when we If we go to the control panel, we will have We will get some kind of interface from here Tap on Programs Will take as soon as we tap on the program So in front of us inside our PC as many Any software, any number of programs All of them are installed and have come before us. So now from here we can download that software The software you want to uninstall

Want to remove from your system want because the more software The more you install, the more your The busier the system, the more load it takes. So what you don't need is unnecessary The ones you don't use should be Simply select uninstall from here Click on and make it yes as soon as You will do this now our system is this See uninstalling from c drive We install it absolutely, we install it seam

Now it will be uninstalled by saying yes. And see this uninstall was complete successful ok close and then you see Can he be removed from here? For such Majeed informative videos You subscribe to our youtube tech tv do it and our