Earn ₹4500/Day with CANVA using Mobile

Earn ₹4500/Day with CANVA using Mobile (No Skill Required) | Canva Course for Beginner in Hindi

 Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we Introduction will explain what is Kanva Canva is basically cana i y'all Let us share with students The courses we have recently taught you all Shared a lot with students Students who work hard and By learning the tips and skills given by us Started generating earnings All the students have this complaint that sir We have countless videos on the internet. So let's see how to earn money but till date If we could not earn then I would like to say If you are interested in our team of Zafar Tech TV If you become a part of this then you will definitely earn You will be able to do it but the condition is that you have to work hard.

You will have to do those skills which we will tell you about. You will have to learn and implement it beyond that. We will have to do it, it will not happen that we will do it for you Your pocket by generating whatever earning you have. We will not put you in it, we will just guide you. Will do and they will continue to guide you today During the class session we will talk about Basically what is Canva because we canva If you are also going to start the course If you are interested in Canva course then you You can join our course Absolutely free and by learning this course you These will also be able to generate good earnings Future Canva is basically a website Which provides you different templates which is an add table And we edit these templates and By recreating them we can

Can also be used for any purpose We can also sell templates and If you can earn it then come forward We will inshallah step inside the classes. By step you will learn all these things that We created templates using Canva. How did we earn using If you want to do it, let's go to the laptop screen. Dear, let's learn this thing in detail Dear students, we have arrived, laptop Screen wise and as in today's class We start the Canva course within the session What is Canva basically? Canva is a free to use online graphic Design tools for graphic designing use a lot of tools But what is kava that it is for beginners It is very easy to use Kava.

We learned how to design graphics. How to use its free templates How to do this using Logo Maker We have to generate earnings, we can do any of this You will be able to edit photos easily with all this Things we will learn in this course In addition to this, we also introduce you to Canva We earn in different ways by using How can you generate an account inside it? We have to make it inside we saw in front of us There are different templates here which include Create a different design that is who you are. Can create different templates Can create different projects You can create a presentation by creating thumbnails Can make videos on mobile can make videos for can

This is funded by its debt head quarter Its Sydney and its inside Australia head quarter and you guess the number How many employees are working on this? This is according to research And it means that it is used world wide goes and this course we have absolutely for you You have brought it for free, what do you have to do? zafar tech tv our Can teach you for free and you can use this Kanva You can earn on good way by using Can generate, see you in the next video. Inside which we talk about Canva Will learn in detail and its account etc. We will also tell you in detail how to create it.