Ducky Bhai & Waqar Bhinder scam EXPOSED| Don't Be Fooled

 Ducky Bhai & Waqar Bhinder scam EXPOSED| Don't Be Fooled  The biggest scammers in Pakistan

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, many students said That sir, we need something short, something like this Short method should be mentioned as many People say that this website is just go there they have small tasks If you complete and start earning then today we Something like this about such tasks This face will talk about websites You must have seen Waqar Bhandar, I call him Bhandar. That's why I am saying that maybe you should do this thing further. Also explore it said that you Go to the website and after visiting here You will earn a good amount just by signing By doing up you will get $ which pakistani something is made mill If we go then we will explore that thing. For whether this statement is true or just If there is fraud with people then today's video Let us tell you whether it is real or fake So we have searched oil gas live This website has arrived, we click on it are in front of us as soon as we clicked This type of website has been opened.

There is also an option to sign up here and If we explore this website a little Let's see the latest here Articles are coming, ok we have to come to this. I don't want to do it, I have done it and here you are. See different ji only article for now So we are seeing and this website and It's over let's go because Waqar Bandar said You sign up for this and you get If we meet then we would click on sign up So what happened as soon as we signed up When we clicked on it, we saw another The site has arrived which is l jo. com But let me tell you one more thing about it Let us assume that you are also aware of this form here. He will be called Duki, meaning Duki Bhai. I am calling it Ducky or Ducky because These are all those people who just want to earn their living. Greed to guide you wrong Let's misguide while Zafar takes The aim of TV has always been to give you give only that information Which is real from which you can earn real money. Maybe that's why you guys can help us in our

 That guy just opened the oil joint. Referred us here while we There is no earning, Waqar is talking about Bhandar I am because he is just messing around We are with you guys, right now we are oil Let us also open the join of this cookie. Let's listen to the talk and after that I will tell you Let me tell you that basically this is what it is See what the complete game is, we have come here. On Oil Join Jobs Apps and here it See Advertisement An ad is running and The same sign up option has come here again. And there are different articles here too Do you have any such earning scene here? You won't see any earning here You can do it even on their website. There is no option to create an account You will simply get this just to revert Sign up button or click here Only and only d are running and those aids It is earning itself with the help of The website and the money that this website has made Has thrown Doki, Wakar Bhandar and many more To all people so that they can get what they deserve.

Advertisement Now As Dookie Said you sign up on this and you If there is earning then we will sign up on this also. let's see Yes, I am on the side of another website. We have been put through what is Pak Vij Co is ok so see this now also If you open it, the same story is a circle. Look, it's almost the same thing. There is a website and different articles are written on it. and the same thing is ours only Traffic to show advertisements To make because the more trough The more these people will earn, the more they will earn. But what will you get from it? No, so stay away from such people Don't waste your time on websites. Do it if you want to earn real money So you learn some skill and You work on the basis and be authentic and real. Earn like you know how The fiber is the drawer in which you work do it and you get earning Students, remove this from your mind that you Even if you do something and earn money, if someone.

If any person tells you this then there is the thing Click on this is a fraud if you If you work hard you will earn more It would not be wise for you to join the ranks. Start with whatever skills you have. Learn how to edit video and audio Editing is all these courses, we have given you all kept here for students In that you learn those courses and after learning Start Earning an Authentic Way Majeed Zafar for such information videos Subscribe to Tech TV and get today's news. Your review about the video is a must. Have to give that thing that I told you Is this really what is happening? While this is happening with students or not Look these people have become an icon As if there is a duck inside Pakistan too. Meaning, how many students are there, all of you? All the people are there because of the viewers. Earning so much and so much but still These people are cheating all of you. Please let me know in the comments and we will Majeed Zafar for such informative videos By subscribing to Tech TV you can support our.