Best Video & Audio Converter 2024

Best Video & Audio Converter 2024 | How to Quickly Convert Video to Audio File Using VLC Media Player

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we Will talk about whether you converted a video Do you want to convert any audio or You have converted one format of a video to another Format or convert an audio Convert to another format If you want to convert video into audio then do this Which software is absolutely free Be and absolutely quickly and fast and bet You get the video in high quality convert if i say this You can do everything inside VLC So how would you like it? So let's go. Know the laptop screen and learn that VLC which is your video audio player Using it we made video and audio How to convert if you Visited Zafar Tech TV for the first time. is ours Dear students, we have arrived, laptop We are the first to know about the screen and vlc which

Our player is our media player. Have you ever opened VLC? The player needs only to play videos. Used only to play audios But today we will use this VLC as a Video to audio and any format will use to convert in So it's very simple, we have to go here Convert media after switching to media We will click on End Save. The shortcut key is control press r. You can also use this we have open Media dialog box will appear from here We have to click on the ad on the ad media. As soon as you click on the ad, we will Those who want to add media like me Here is a video thanks to Allah Got no subscribers so I can open this I take it but after doing all this process First I will give you its details. Let's show it, let's click on it. Right click and go to its properties We go into details after the property. Will go to and at this time which of this file The extension is MP video file.
We can see the atom type is ok now we can see this Can change in any format like this video i like play it Let me show you this once, see this If it is a video then how do we convert it into audio? Convert so you get the first proof and After that, we are now working on converting After going to convert we converted that file I have added the file here to add it. After this you can simply see here What is Save and Convert button? Given we will click on it like Will click next in front of us Dialog box will come first select the source Where will your file be saved and the second one comes Convert is the main setting from here We can change it to any of its extensions You can see every type here You get extension but this video and I want to convert it to audio I want it and that too within MP. From here I will select this file type After that I will browse to this where i want to save this i like I want to keep it on my desktop but I want to name it New File. I will decide his name here I will save it and start it after saving. If I give you within a second, this file is yours. She will convert there now we Let's open it and see. Students, you can see this new file We have it in mp format whereas the file we had earlier was The video is in format like this You can convert any video to audio Can convert any audio into another Can also convert audio such as I have this one After this you can see This is audio mp3 and if we play it Even if you do, I will play you Let me show you this, we have a There is audio, we can convert it too Very simple we will go to our VLC player But open VLC player here on media Save and convert after going to media And save, we will add the file from here. Like from here we will pick up the audio file.
Click on Save and Convert Let us expand it into MP. After which place we want want to save this i like this inside the music file Later I save it and then start it. If I do this then see this is our file which It has already begun to convert. Our mp will convert into mp k Because there is a lot of software that The audio is only in mp format. If you use then support like this As soon as this file is complete, we Now let's check our file like If only it gets converted and becomes complete then we will go. are inside the document again The one place we have placed inside the document We had kept that, we had kept PC music. You can see the document here our music