Best Mobile Photo Editing App 2024

 Best Mobile Photo Editing App 2024 | How Edit Photos on Mobile Phone

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, if you are looking for such a photo Editor's Image Editor's which you can view on mobile But you can use it for free If you provide quality editing Exactly inside today's class session we will tell you will tell Best best photo editor for your mobile Phones run on laptops and mobile screens Dear so that we can tell you practically But before that subscribe to Zafar Tech TV By doing this you are our

There is an application that adobe. com [music] Which photo editors are exactly this It is from them that we have provided it. has been installed and you can install it After installing it, now we open it. Let's do Are students when you open for the first time If you do then you will follow some steps and some guidelines. You will be given those which you have to skip and Simply There is an image and I open it inside it.

If I add it, it is very simple. We have the tools for this here If we tap on it, first of all we have to We get the crop as per our wish. You can also crop the picture and make it your We can rotate it as per our wish. You can flip it any way you want Whichever side you want to flip it to After this we will simply tick mark it And all the same things apply beyond that. It will be done and now the next option comes. We have edit we can edit beyond this All these tools are in front of us if we

If you click on it then it will be of our picture. automatically adjust everything accordingly Will give and because we don't do it on auto I tell you this manually that you How to apply things on it manually We have to do it, so now we go to the edit again. and we click on the lights If you are then see here as per your wish. Its shadows can be increased or decreased Can increase or decrease highlights How many whites do you want to keep and blacks? Everyone has to mention how much they have. We can see the thing as per our wish here

We can manage this with the help of curve Like professional photo editing ok that After that we can change the colors as per our wish. Can like I would choose red color am this See I use green color here But its RGB is as per your wish. There is red green and blue color of.