Best FREE Video Editing App for mobile phone 2024

 Best FREE Video Editing App for mobile phone 2024 Android & iPhone Great Effect Feature Video Editor

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we Will talk about the video on your mobile You want to do editing no matter what For the purpose you want to do your Edit the video as per your liking Do you want to edit your video? upload it on any platform want yours Up to HD quality high quality video Can edit and that too for free

You discuss with all the students Video editing on best mobile Software runs on mobile screen Jaanib before that Zafar Tech TV Be a part of our community by subscribing Come dear students, we have arrived. First of all we open the mobile screen. Will play your mobile's Play Store With the opening of the store, we search here Will do Kanae Master because today we will give you a Going to tell about such mobile app With the help of which you can reach professional level also.

Can do editing and that too in HD of quality Inside you can see this app is Kai Master Video Editor & Maker and it's Kanae Master From Video Editor Experts Group This is what has been uploaded if we If we talk about rating , What is is its rating and million plus it has views above it ab its size And if we talk about downloads then million plus downloads so far Showed you some previews of it here also

If you are going then you have to do it now You have to click on install like I have already installed and now we Let us also show you its preview. We have it installed, let's open it. Take it as soon as we open yours The mobile screen should rotate Students will go to our k in front of us now master mobile editing software open is done and we click on the plus sign Add your project here and You can see our different first

Projects have been added while we are on Plus If we click, we will see select ratio Which fiber will come in which one? What type of size video do you want to make? we are like youtube ba will if we make reels want if we / will if we [music] Majeed is coming for such information videos Subscribe to our channel Zafar Tech TV give and our