Zindagi app se paise kaise kamaye 2024

 Zindagi app se paise kaise kamaye

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we We will talk about how you will Zindgi Mobile APP. You are earning by downloading my life. Will do and will do such work that you will get life MOIL WITHOUT INVESTMENT SOMETHING YOU NEED Daily base earning will be ton ki Jaan Zindi Aap A Vidu But Jafar walks towards the laptop screen Subscribe to Tech TV so that May you keep getting Majeed information videos. To all First of all, students, we have arrived. We will tell you about the details of the screen now. That you have an account on Zindagi Mobile Pup How to make it and you have completed it How to open but before that I will tell you Let me tell you how to earn it Because first I give proof Also tell about the thing and then its process. so that your time is not wasted So invite a friend here Yes and you will get ₹ Yes, of course if you

If you invite your friends you will get reward for it Absolutely students very simple method I will invite you and let you know right now How did you invite me? Check out Zindagi App we have it open here But my name is also being shown Welcome to Zafar Iqbal will now tell you the method of inviting. Have you known the profile? After clicking on and profile you As soon as you click on Invite and Earn If you click on Invite and Earn then You can see the details here You are also getting it from here, okay? Because I sent an invitation to someone Didn't do it if I invited someone and if he accepts it then he Here I will show details and next Earn's coming because I just told someone Don't send if you haven't requested yet. There is no exception but there is one That you invite only your selected numbers If you can then just click on Invite Now Will do after clicking on invite no

Your complete contact list is here will go and from there you can select those contacts You will select after selecting Will invite them and whatever invitation Click on your invited link By doing at your request, at your invitation Will install this pop by reference beyond that If you create an account, you will get Rs. people do it people do it You will get students let's go now You know how to install it? Simply Hum Jayenge Play Store Play Store But after going, I will tell you its process. Let me tell you again, you have to search. Here you can search for life and If you simply search life, you will Look, its logo is like this. Logo Because I have already installed it So the installed show is coming here and Here you will have the option to install Wise. Download and install it and now If we talk about trust level then  More than million plus people downloaded it

Have done and. Its star rating is After this we will open this app and like Now open this app Zindagi Mobile App. Will do something like this in front of us If there is an interface then we will create it here. click on account We will do it with a very simple method, here is You have to write your name like I name I write Zafar Iqbal here you have written your Cell number has to be written after giving the cell number. You can enter your email address I will write my email address here gives Am And after your cell number and email address We click on next Will give after that in next step Here we have our CNIC number. If you have to write and its issue date then CNIC number here we Will write after writing CNIC and issue date. We click on next Will send an OTP to your mobile number now

Registration will come and it will be automatically filled. The next step would be after it is filled. If you want to set your PIN then you Pin here anyone of your choice Will write the same PIN will be written again so that the pin is confirmed yes and click on next After giving permission we will take it next Do this and you will come across this method What is your mother name? You might have been given different mother names there What is the correct mother name of your mother? You have to select the name and verify it. click on Is your Zindagi account ready like this? Create your mobile Zindagi account with we will finish this Denge your zindagi account transaction The limit is what it is And okay this we let's skip for now Okay and this is how students we have Zindagi mobile app is ready