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Best Screen Recorder for PC/Laptop 2024 | Windows Screen Recorder Fast Easy and Advance Features

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we Will talk about your screen PC How to clean laptop screen Have to record even if you are one of your own Whether you want to record the activity If you are recording a tutorial You have to screen your PC for that To record for any purpose want to record but want That software is absolutely free for you. Work and that too in HD quality So we guide you in high quality Let's do the best free PC screen Recorder runs on laptop screen And to be part of our li Of course you can also subscribe to our channel for free. Become a part of Lee by subscribing. Come dear students, we have arrived. Know about laptop screen and first of all we

own googleapis. com free screen recorder and It is available for Wiz so we tap on it request it for downloading You can see our software by giving Screen Recorder is its only file. As long as the downloading has started Our students are downloaded subscribe youtube tech tv and bell Press the icon so that such information You will get videos first and foremost It's absolutely free to subscribe Subscribe so that we can The software is almost downloaded From downloading it to its Complete method how we installed it What has to be done, how to do all the work beyond this Share things with all the students Will still do if any students If there is any problem then its direct download.

I will paste the link in the comment also. I will do it for you directly from there. You can come and download it on our The software is already downloaded. Open it by tapping on it here. As soon as you click on open, we will A dialogue box like this will appear. do yes Will give you can see please select a Language so we did English and done next Its welcome setup is done simply. Next This is their term and condition that you will do it. These have to be read and agreed to. Which location do you think this is? want to install it on the drive Look like we have selected C drive Now our software Screen Recorder Whatever is there is getting installed by you too. Then it has to be installed exactly like this If you also face any problem, you

You can discuss with us by commenting Our software is installed It's complete, let's run it. Let's run it so that you can get its complete Along with the process, it should also be known that You can see how we run it Its icon has also appeared here and this Lets will appear in front of us like this See this, different areas are full here Want to record screen specifically? You want to open the window in any way Want to record specific parts and games just want to record voice and All our videos here record she will come here and this Record images and audios as much as we want she will come here and from here Record button will start like we go See this we'll go to the screen and Here we do full screen and allow display then you can see he gave us

Our resolution has been shown here of the screen and from here we can access the recording You will turn it on and you will see that this is our The recording has started. Whatever work is done here by minimizing it He would do all that, it would be our record. We will stop it from here, stop it After doing this we will see if this video This is our video inside. The record is already there, let's play it. I can also do all the work for you. Live students are telling this for So that you do not face any problem If you need to do a video with similar information If you like it then you can subscribe our channel. Please like our video See the full screen we just recorded Such information is coming to us Zafar Tech TV for videos By subscribing you can join our