Make Money with Google TRENDS 2024 Google Warranty 100%

 Make Money with Google TRENDS 2024 Google Warranty 100% 

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we Will tell you a method of earning which It's very easy, you just followed a few steps Just follow and after that you can worry free Your earning will become automatic and we will show you this entire process live. Will tell you by doing and when you complete this process If you look at all the implementation then you will see this thing Will also do Agri and if Do any of you students doubt this? If you wish, please let me know in the comments. But % sure that this method when you know It would be better if you say, Sir, yes of course. This is indeed a valid method and This is very good, it generates earnings. So let's go to today's class as In the last class session we discussed about blogger About earning while using Had talked about and many students There were comments that sir, how can you get views beyond this? Where did the traffic come from so let's go today Let's start, first of all you have to do google's ok so let's talk now whatever trend is going on You know what's in the millions? If that traffic is coming then we are here See what's trending now Will tell the topic which is trending at the moment Which has got views in millions but at the same time we have Change the location or region or country. It has to be given that earlier there was Pakistan but we

to any other country instead of Pakistan is he will use like uk united Kingdom because CPC there is good The click rate there is good there. You will earn more from traffic So let's see which It is getting more searches than that. Just one more day and here we go down See it's ok and it's plus Sir, please see that Malak's dead body is now there. Recently he got married means marriage So all these trends are going on right now. From here you get to know that at this time Which topics are trending and if You write articles on those topics. Post on your blog on website So you get good earning Let's see, this is the only topic here, we will talk about it. Let's pick it up, now the second problem comes. Sir, we should write an article on this topic. How very simple is a difficult thing? No, you have to pick it up here in the chat. Come to GP and chat here After coming to GPT you can read it a little. Just give instructions that right n If the article is simple then it will help you to write the article. Will do it right now in front of you We simply gave him instructions. That's an article for our website Write it and he starts writing the article He has given students a second Complete one article and with Hadinantu Later we will go to blogger go to blogger After we will tap on New Post and

Paste that article inside this here will give which we have also written the variable GPT You can add some things as per your wish Will manage because like headings Have headings he did not bold us them can be a little attractive ok It is better to spice it up a bit so that whatever your When a visitor comes, he can see this Like it and this is our title of title Word will end from here and Majid You give the heading along with it. What to do is that you are related to this topic Whatever is there, some images also google doesn't do it then the video is long Goes and students are divided in half let's just leave it but we This is why we have to complete it further. Something related to how to earn Tags he us No matter how many searches you get, if any Even if a person searches this word Because if this tag is in your article then Your post will also appear in search. That's why you brought the tags here too. Have to put it here now let's come main Know about the topic how to earn It is very simple, we create our Astra Joe account. Will open it and after opening if You students don't know that on top of this Video on how to create an account Check it out from there in the description We have just posted an article. Gave it published, now we add inside it How to place the ad

So that we can earn from it, we will go You will go to the website in your ader account You can see our website already in it Aided if students who are new Who has watched the video for the first time Very simply, the video is I will put it in the description Whatever type of article we want from here If you want to post it, I do it from here Like This banner we can put banner on this Like anyone, we are one type from here. I will choose this type. I take it after choosing or I end I am going to end this from here. I turn off whatever is galling. I will click on add it as soon as it is added I will click, he will say ok, you have the code. You can get it now, you can see it now That's the site and I drop it a little bit If I down, we get this banner goes we will click on its gate code Copy the code from here After this we will go back to the same post We will post again After editing we will go to HTML In the view it first looks like this This is our compose view. Do not use compose view, we use Will do HTML view and here I Simply write the ad so that we here That should be easy to post and that Students who have done so much coding and no It is not easy for them either and we

Simply place ads wherever we want. want and there we have this word which I will paste this and write like this now The advantage of this will be that when we use HTML If you go to view, it is very simple here. You can search by pressing control F and here If we search ad then you can see We have found ads here and there but Where the ad is written, we have written this Remove the ad and what we have done from there We have copied the code and pasted it here It has to be done very simply, see where I keep pasting it wherever it comes. I am staying inside this article in this way We have seen these remaining three places in many places but I will do this later and update it I give it so that the video is not long and save the change. It's done, let's go back and watch it now. Let's try and see what's inside this Proper shows will be happening and see this See this here now, the ad has arrived, ok See this add has arrived and like this if We are here where this ad is written. If an ad is written then this ad will be placed because This topic is trending right now Views will come and you will earn a good amount. Whatever it is, you will find it very informative. Zafar Tech TV for videos Subscribe so you can keep getting more like this Informative video first