How To Make Money With Canva in 2024 without investment

 Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we Let's talk about how you can use Canva You can definitely earn. Students, you must have heard the name of Canva. And you may have even used it Mostly people to create ho images Using YouTube's free Canva You can also generate earnings so that How to use laptop screen now Sir, we learn this thing in detail. Let us tell you that you use Canva. How to generate income? I am a lover of laptop screen but First if you watched Zafar Tech TV first If you have visited time then our Dear students, we have arrived, laptop Screen wise and as we told you Said that we are earning from free Canva. If you learn to do it then we have opened With Canva open Canva here On the search bar you will search Math.

We can also search sheets or simply math sheet. If we can we will top it and search Will do similarly as soon as we enter Kanva Any Whatever the product is, any design search Let's go inside the templates Different templates related to it would be available are so that we can use them as we have this Here is a math sheet for kids But this is for provision and for paid We have to use the free method without investment method because our All the videos are free It is about earning through method So we are searching for it from here. We will go and from here we will only go for free ones. Our free sheets are templates We can use them like This is a math sheet which is different white and To teach them what red shapes are Math game sheet that helps kids learn different things Used in school to teach shapes.

Now what will this sheet become from here? We will simply download it, ok We can customize it also We will click on it to make changes. Whatever we do for our organization You want to change the name in this After doing what we have to do, we can do this will take simply Download Zee Students you can see that We have this math sheet. I also changed the name of the sheet above this. I have given Zafar text also and after that we Simply click on share and here This download option appears on download Click and we will download it for free We will do this as JPG inside PDF. Download PNG in any format You can get such different sheets from here If you want to find it for free then see different There are sheets and they are amazing sheets And it is absolutely free, so we are in this All the free sheets available from We will download as soon as we download.

Will keep it with you now next step What would happen if we made such sheets? Downloaded next we will go fiverr. com is a website on which you sell your skills if you How to create an account on this and we How to sell skills on it Its complete course is available in our hua hai aap f course zafar tech tv search If you do, you will get it simply. Go here and create your account. Gigging the math sheet that's here I have to upload it, what will be the benefit of it? Now let me show you like I did here If you have searched math sheet then here Different math sheets are given. Students, these are the exact same math sheets Which we saw on Canva, you can can definitely see and what to do now That you have to come to f and create your account. Here are those math sheets you got as a gig. I have to upload it now, I showed it to you.

Go As It Is I Will Design Custom Math Sheet for Kids and its Price See how many starts he has started price If we talk about standard then And if we talk about premium then It has a math sheet and you can do the same thing. You are earning very well by doing this. can generate when these people can So students why can't you do it Majeed Majeed such earning for such information Whatever information we have about About earning in different ways Keep teaching and how to create account on f You will get all the details you want to make. Watch this complete fiber on Zafar Tech TV Have read the course, subscribe to the channel By doing this you become a part of our family. and like the video.