How to make money on Bigo Live without going live

 Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we We will talk about how you can earn. can definitely when I said this It must have come to your mind that Sir will say right now that you install after installing You broadcast live on it  Earning happens only when people sit live for hours. Absolutely not, don't do that at all I am not going to tell you any such method That you live beyond that if there are any females in it If so, then she can also earn from it, right? so you have to go live nor you.

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You will have to do broadcasting, Simple Chand Steps to follow and you just You can earn by installing and You can withdraw it as per your cash. Let's go inside the screen and Learn how to earn But follow the steps I will tell you. Necessary Is Dear students, we have come to the screen And as we told you that you Surely you can earn from Bugs. You must have heard the name of Bigo  and you also use Bigo. Must be doing but to earn from bugs

You get the simple bigo that you have taken. You used it before, you did not install it You will be given a special link And by clicking on that link when you go to Bigo  Only then you will download and install it. If you can earn from it then you Go to description and comment. I will post its link inside also You have to click there to click After that you have to install bigo After installation simply click on Create your account exactly the same way All you have to do is create your account and when you When you click on this link given

If you install bigo then that Bigo  Inside you will get this option Earn Money ok you have to tap on it tap After doing simply gave you some steps You can go and see Invite Friends to earn You will invite a friend and  If you win from him then you simply You have to click on Invite from here You have to copy the link somewhere You can also share it with your friends with and you copied it Share what you do with your friends I would recommend that my students

Those who are there can also share their invite link in the comments. Can share and I would say viewers That the link to that comment will be By using what is there, give it to other students. benefit because our Trying that if more than us Students benefit to my students If it happens, I will be more happy Majid For such information videos you can visit our by subscribing to youtube tech tv