How To Install Urdu Font Jameel Noori Nastaleeq inpage 2009

How To Install Urdu Font Jameel Noori Nastaleeq inpage 2009 

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we Will talk that if you also like this in Urdu want to write or inside your computer Want to write Urdu on any photo And you want that different bursts Be in variety of designs and styles be as you see on the thumbnail If we can, we can include it in these pages. How to add then let's start Before you do that you can visit our channel Zafar Tech Subscribe to TV and our As it is a font download it on font.

 I will tap and this funt we have It will be downloaded now See our font download something like this What do you have to do with all these bursts? that you have to keep inside a folder Like I kept them separated like i have noori raasi fajar It's a funt, it's Jameel Noori, it's all Urdu funts. Which is very important for your Urdu Now let's make it beautiful and attractive Let's see if you have added them to your page. How to install inside or inside computer I have to do all these tasks, I can do them. After copying I will go to my On PC here I will go to Document Here I will go to CC because Our window which is our computer's All the programming is in C. So I'm here on Windows in the C drive. I will click and see all the results here is also your window's folder and is here I will search from here, see the photos I have got a folder of bursts in front of me. I will double tap it and I will open it.

I will take it as soon as I open it The pre-installed files are We can see everyone here and now who Fats, we have to include Majeed in it. I will paste it here, see the total  It's burst and he says Nafees already In this I say yes and yes that You update them all at once are being installed and our window What's inside the computer bursts inside Ads are being added, so in this way we have added these You have to install FATS after that you can use your Can open these pages like I do in my opens these pages I am Urdu in this page and those students Those who have problems about writing Urdu If you encounter this please let us know in the comments. 

If you comment then we will give its complete course. You can bring to people whose Inside we have all its topics. Will discuss whether you have written Urdu how to design urdu How to outline borders in Urdu How to apply it or whatever it contains topics we can cover Students, we have started our page in Urdu which is I have opened it and I am from here. I enter any data such as We have a data in front of us.

 we cannot comment on it Apply font you can see that The fonts we installed in it are But they are applying and it looks like this If we write any of our Urdu then we For him Majid can make whatever is beautiful Majeed such informative by changing the font Zafar Tech TV for videos subscribe and