How to Add Website Blogger in Adsterra

 How to Add Website Blogger in Adsterra

Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we We will talk about what you have done inside the terra How to add website or blogger Yes, just like you do in Adsense. This is how we add the site for approval. Like you have created your site or How to add blogger and its benefits What will be the requirements and which ones? You got approval from ads by following things. If you want to buy it from Adsterra then go for laptop. Know the screen and learn that today itself You can create your website and your blogger today. If you want to upload your blogger and site to Adsterra want to get approved with the help of and that How will we get it done in this hour too? Dear students, we have arrived, laptop About the screen and today's class session Inside we will talk about what we have done We created an account in the last class session If you have not learned how to create an account then You can read the previous class before this. See in which we have Adsterra account Created and today we will share the website inside it Or how do we add the blog? Have to submit so that we can add ads on it Activate it and start earning from it If you do, we will settle our account. Login as we wrote Username Password Wrote and logged in to this account As soon as students we our Adsterra publisher If we login to the account, we will see The interface will look something like this, first comes Have tips show tips if we want to monetize If the site needs tips to do We can tap this thing here and give it tips You can do the show but you need tips No because we will give you proper guide Will do step by step second if your If you don't have your own website or blogger

Of course you can earn by giving too. You can earn even without a website through this account of this platform through because today we will talk about whether you Your website or blogger which is free What is it and how to become a blogger Complete course also on our channel Zafar Tech TV You are on blogger Zafar Tech TV. Will search and give you its complete course Will be available because it is necessary to have a website No if you don't have a website You bloggers don't have to worry at all. You can also earn through You can also take approval and if you are a blogger If you don't want to make it then click on the direct link. How to earn through that website That too its complete method without means How do you earn from your website? We will do that also inshallah upcoming You will tell our channel inside the videos Subscribe ok let's go now that in our today's class that we How to add a website then we will add Click on the website and here we Will you give the link of your blogger or website? Like I have a blogger and I do this See, I have created a simple blog. in which different things are good Morning quotes and birthday wishes By quoting such things, I I will link it to you here We have to come up with the link of the website of the blogger. Posted next comes website Category: What is the category of your website? Which category of content do you want on your website? If we provide payment then we can do it from here. Will select category and because my The content is about movies Dramajuniors next options you have He comes, he comes and adds what types of us we are. Types of sizes in which orientations?

want to put want to put an ad on it I put banner size on it. on this something Bye has ads, I select this I can do this on my own free will We can do it accordingly from here Will add the size in whatever orientation it is. Next comes what type of ads you have. yes ok what kind of add are you from here Don't want to do a show, we can do that But we don't have to do this Here if we subtract something Do you want the removal campaign of Means? Are there any traces of software on my website? If he doesn't come, we can minus him but We are not going to minus anything. Ad size just has to be selected from here and add this Hey, add your site as soon as we see it. Been sent to approval And I will send you an Email When It's Done When It Will Be Done, watch this blog drama of ours now. movie ps drama blogsport. com it now Its status is pending and here we have AIDS status comes here about and Here the paid unit which we plus our You can manage it as per your wish now I pause the video here and when Ju hi vidan yeh few minutes inshallah If it gets approved then we will share this video. Mohtaram students continue further I'm back and we've just received the mail. You can see your Edra network Domain ver approved yes absolutely ours Domains We Just Recently Had a Minute One It was a minute ago that I made the video. As soon as I paused, I received a mail and I started the video again Diya Movie P Drama Blop And It's Ours

It has been approved now let me show you I am leaving, this was our status, we We refresh like students. We just refreshed the site, you can see Here is our site and here is his site The code is coming ok this is our site URL is ad unit which is active And this is how it works for approval on our site. After AIDS is running if you say so then this See, I also activated the site and showed it. I give it so that ads can also be shown on our site. This is how we students are becoming Any site, any blog basically This is our free blog spot, right? blogger. com if you don't want to create it If you don't know how to make it then You have to come on Simply Zafar Take TV and Here we will go to playlist playlist Different courses here after going to which we provide to you for free If so then see Earn Money Online With here Blogger Y Blogger So you through Blogger How to earn money by becoming a blogger yourself How to do its SEO, all this which are video classes lectures If you want to know about blogger then you can see it completely. Learn and if there is any issue then you are who you are. You can ask us this thing in the comments Today we scared inside it How to add a website to your blogger? Did it and didn't just add it Activated also, you can see that Our site is active and beyond that Which is really active so this was today's See you in our class session inshallah Until next class Allah Hafiz to our channel Zafar Tech TV Subscribe to get more such news Keep getting informative videos from everyone First