free watermark software for pc

 free watermark software for pc

Add Image Watermark to Multiple Photos Off-line
Dear students, my name is Zafar Iqbal. And you are watching Zafar Tech TV Students, in today's class session we Will talk about whether you have edited any of your images If you want to keep your copyright Have you made any creative design? Are those other people, other people, use that? If you can, it will be better if you Put your watermark behind that image. place a trade mark so that the image where Your watermark will also be used inside it. Mention will be visible but if you Water of many images at one time If you have to mark then this is a problem. but we will make this problem easier for you Let us tell you one such software With the help of which you can water multiple images. You can mark and that too absolutely free I live on the laptop screen But before that if you watch Zafar Tech TV If you have visited for the first time then our youtube become part Come dear students, we have arrived. First of all we open the laptop screen.

will that do of the net and if we look at its right side So we have to can put watermark on google search See a free watermark here software and we can also search it Like here go to search button and here we will search water mark water mark ok as soon as we water If we search Mark then we will get this This article will come on this. Click on it as soon as you have to click on it If you do then see us here Free Water Mark Software for PC and here As soon as you find the download button and click on it Click to download our software It will start happening if you don't have to work hard. There will be no need and now let's move on to that How does software work? It will be installed in just a few steps something like this after installation The interface will appear in front of you here. The options are one is to add images and Second is add watermark so first we Click on Add Images and from here

Watermark as many images as you want I want this image to be like this I would have selected the image Different images from here, we are what we are Let's choose so that we can go beyond those waters Mark can apply and from here I can do something I choose more images and suggest lights. These Because it's okay like this we took some pictures See us here Different Eve's list of pictures has arrived, if we want You can also add the entire folder to it now Next comes what watermark? If you want to add it like this, then use this add watermark. As soon as the button is clicked on add watermark If you do, you can text us here Can add watermark as an image Any shape, any QR, whatever you want, I am here If I choose text watermark then This dialog box will appear, inside this I I will write my text as I would write am h f tech TV is fine now let's see its change we found We can bold talk all this

Any kind of setting we can do with it After that we can make its font size bigger or See this short and also see the preview. After that if its transparency Want to see how much we take it and how much You can keep it high, you can also keep it here We are what it is and what is the color of thickness. We can do that more or less from here Where do we want to position it? Set it in the center wherever you want. Want to see this at the bottom You have gone to your top position center. We can custom it as per your wish Position can also be given horizontal end We can also make it vertical and its shadow We want to change the color of the shadow. So you can see it like this Look at all these things that will happen to us. Only one photo will be applied on photos But not as many pictures as we have inside it. If we have added an entire folder then But will be applied on simply saved image Click on it and we will tell you that he Where to save images i like I will keep this

From PC and PC to Desktop and Then Dan and I start it Vidan seconds within seconds your watermark which he will be done on your photos If anyone applies this watermark, it will be like this As many pictures as we want right now I'll open it and show it to someone. Image and students see this you water The mark is completely applied on it. Check what happened here if we do this Let's do this next. See next image. We do So in this way we can open any image and see it. Let's take those on which we have watermarked So check this Majeed Aisi Informative Zafar Tech TV for videos By subscribing you will become part of our family. Be a part and subscribe If it's free then subscribe and see you are inside the next video