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That's why I often say that we first Students give you proof after that You start this work now it is very It's simple, you just do it once often saw students It would be that such an event post As August comes, Eid comes.

Happy New Year is here! Now see this is absolutely MT which is empty We just write the name on it and click on it. If yes then that name is written here Okay, after that there will be seven options here. is share on The cycle goes on like this.

By creating a site or a blog, you But we must say that today's video After watching if you  Want to earn a week's worth of Hajj pilgrims If yes, then you will watch the complete video. You will understand only after watching and we will tell you We will tell you a real method of this which can be seen

After this you will say yes sir, we also saw this Yes, but it is used for this purpose. This is done without you knowing it at first So let's go to today's video. But before that subscribe our channel Please do it so that such important information is available. Videos will be available to you first Majeed

Without further ado, let's move on to today's topic. Sir, first of all open your blogger. Have to take it as soon as you open Blogger You have to create a new blogger in this If you do not know who became a blogger? Its full course goes our way If it is in the list then we would write here

There are events, we wrote its title event. Have taken it, we will take it next and Next we write its URL URL Will guise it after writing Save One of our bloggers is all set It is ready, now we have How to generate earnings is very simple.

Will go to post and here to new post Will tap to tap on new post Also we will write here gift for you and After writing, we will post it in the area. Come in and here's a script for you will be given and this script because quite It's long, it's in the HTML coding, you see.

Where can you download it from? what to achieve, where to achieve it Inshallah I will tell you this in the last video. I will tell you the complete download process. You have written the script inside your blogger. Bring it and do it in HTML view. Is

After pasting the paste we will do it Publish and do it Confirm now that we have done so much work. We need details of the Star account. How did you create a Steara account? Its complete video is here We have completed the course

You have to come to youtube and come to the ad website. After which we created our blogger here is its url will take After taking the URL of our blogger we Will paste it here and its category From here we will select the type of add.

select After selecting the type, we will do this Will add and remember one thing from here All the things that have to be kept are galling aids. These are bad ads, you should move them from here. Have to give and I will add it You can see our site guys

It has been added but is still pending. As long as it is active we have done one more thing has to be done and it will be in such a way that we Go back to your blogger post above. above and this has to be edited again There is a purpose for editing and that is what I am telling you now. Let us check this site if

That it has been activated and what is its ad? The way we have to run in it is you, I told let's go This is still pending, its purpose is I Let me tell you what we have just done If we open this post then It will appear something like this in front of you

You must have often seen from students that this The kind of event posts like That August comes Eid comes Happy New When the year comes, we whatsapp now see this is absolutely MT Whatever is empty, we can write name on it and make it If you click then that name is written here

it happens Okay, after that the option would come here. is share on The rest of the work is for the people and you earn. Will continue to happen automatically but for this which Where to get the script that will be used? Where do you want to add inside this?

Let's go back to our topic and now checking the site There are students, you can see our top Events Ise Jo Hai Wo Ad Hamara Jo It is ready now, from here we will add some He will select after selecting Will add it and yes add it inside it

The student will go as soon as we enter this gate code. If we click then this site will appear in front of us. See if this ad is active. And next to this is the gate code, we have done this code You have to get a copy from here and simply from here We can also copy code this After we copied all this code we

Go back to that post in your blogger in and at various places within You have to paste this add, see this I pasted this add here After that, wherever this ad was I want to put this here I want this See, I would have pasted it here too.

hoon script It's okay here too, as many bites as you want We want to show this inside as many times as possible Will paste it and then update it After the update, this is our This page is ready, let us open it. Let's try it and as soon as this page

We open it and we [music] Check this out I often say this because We give you proof first and then Students, you start this work now It's very simple, you just did it once Share this topic within different groups

Tax has to be paid, after that it is the people's job. Write your name inside it and send it forward. Will go and earnings will keep coming to your account No one has ever shown you this way before. Majeed must have been so informative Subscribe to the channel for videos Now come after what you have done about it

Where did you get the script from? Very simple, go to G and go to G. After this you will simply search Check the spelling of Sach. You simply got Sach. You have to search what is there, search the truth. along with doing you

Here's a site and something like this on the side You will find it where it is written 'Visit Website' So we have the right website, our site is there But if you click then come here You can see Astra Auto with Earning trick we have done on this After clicking you will come to this

Here we get two links A download link for the script is available here. and a download link is available here If you are unable to download a Because of this you can use another script And I have included its link in the comment also. You have placed it directly by clicking there.

Also download the script from here I can show you again The ads on the page we have created They are working properly and you It will be able to generate good handsome earnings Now subscribe to your channel and Our family for such wonderful videos
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